petit âne Day of discovery and initiation to donkey driving

Le Roux 'Abriès

• Easy tour, children above 6-7 years old

• On Wednesday

• Altitude : 1760 m

• Departure and arrival in Le Roux

How the day went

Practical information & Prices

Each Wednesday from June to October, we offer a day of hiking to introduce you to the driving of donkeys and their pack, a technical operation that requires some preparation to ensure the comfort of the animal.

Le Roux 'Abriès

- How the day went -

The initiation day takes place around Le Roux and the short hike is accessible to families accompanied by young children from 6 to 7 years old.

The morning is devoted to making contact with donkeys and installing the packsaddle and saddlebags. And be careful to respect the load balance and check the tightness of the straps, otherwise …

How to install packsaddle
Paco and his packsaddle

For the lunch break, everyone takes their meal from the bag and it is an opportunity to exchange on the psychology of the donkey, the different work experiences and the long hikes with these friendly companions with big ears.

After having tackled certain notions of reading terrain in the mountains, the afternoon is devoted to handling donkeys according to a fun course where you have to manage the passage of delicate places.

At the end of the day, you participate in removing the packsaddle, help with donkeys care and bring them back to the park to find their fellows.


- Practical information & Prices -

The donkeys

They are intended to carry your luggage. Each donkey is equipped with a halter, a lunge, a wooden packsaddle and 2 large bags hung on each side of the packsaddle.

Gregarious animals, they will appreciate your company but also that of their fellows and beyond 3 people, it is better to travel with 2 donkeys for the comfort and well-being of all.


This discovery day is offered on Wednesday, from June to October.

The lunch break

Meal from the bag.

Your equipment

• backpack,
• walking shoes,
• warm clothes, a hat for the sun,
• rain gear (waterproof poncho),
• gourd,
• protective cream and sunglasses


Adult: 40 €
Child: 30 € (under 11 years old)

Number of participants: 10 maximum

For more information :
06 82 48 09 99 or

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