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With the long-eared companions of "Au Pas de l'Âne Rousin", set off to discover the valleys of the Regional Park and their inhabitants: crossing alpine meadows, torrents and larch forests, picnic at the edge of mountain lakes, or alpine chalets, without forgetting all sorts of meetings with local wildlife (marmots, golden eagle, griffon vulture, chamois, ibex, roe deer ...). An environment with its character that will enchant you!

We offer hikes from 1 to 7 days "in freedom", in the Queyras massif and /or also a day of discovery of donkey driving, supervised by Dominique and Sophie (Mountain leader).

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Information about bivouac restrictions

The National Nature Reserves are exceptional spaces where biodiversity flourishes far from the tumult of humans. To preserve this quietness and to protect the numerous plant and animal species that inhabit the area, bivouacking is only tolerated.

A prefectural decree regulates bivouacking in the National Nature Reserve of Ristolas - Mont-Viso from July 1st to August 30th. During this period, bivouac is only allowed on the reserved area near the VISO Refuge. The number of people is limited to 15 and reservations must be made with the refuge keeper. A fee of 5€ is required.

The rest of the year, bivouac is tolerated in the area but under certain conditions. You must be more than one hour from the hamlet of Echalp, be less than 20 meters from the marked trails and more than 20 meters from the banks of the lakes. It is also necessary to stay away from sensitive sites for the conservation of species reported in the field and from sectors occupied by livestock.

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